Thursday, December 11, 2014

Challenging Fun - Part 2

Whew!  What a workout!

Quiltville's Mystery Monday Linkup Party, Part 2

I'm delighted the diamond rectangles turned out.  I used method 3 BUT I didn't cut off the bonus triangles until after pressing the diamonds open.  I made sure to line up the flipped square exactly with the underlying rectangle edges and corners before pressing the seam in place.

As I had hoped, it did ensure the final product would measure exactly as intended, and it made firm foundation for pressing without risk of stretching the bias too much. I've had a wonky product when doing these for other projects, but the added effort here paid off quite well.

A lovely lady doing Bonnie's mystery quilt will be broadcasting a Google Hangout live every Friday night at 8pm est.  The link to her youtube page is here:

Please do not post that link on any of Bonnie's sites or pages though.

Thanks for reading my blog post!


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