Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quiltville's Grand Illusion Part 1

Just in the nick of time!  It seems I do much better with mystery quilts in getting them completed, at least the tops.  I felt the pressure to get these done before the next clue. Otherwise -- oh, look, a butterfly!  

The black is constant in these blocks, as is the gold/yellow.  The aquas vary but are in the same value range. Those pinks are almost a decade old and have to go, so I'll use them up 'til gone then move to another pink in my stash to complete this quilt.  So, semi-scrappy? Schizo?

Also, I made my half-square triangles eight-at-a-time. In reading posts all around, I didn't see anyone else remarking on using that method.  Seems a lot less torture to me -- for 280 just needed 35 pairs, right faces together, four diagonal lines sewn, four cuts.  Now, I do have to square them, but it's worth it to me to get them precisely 2-1/2".  No way I could do that sewing them using 2-1/2" strips -- I'm just not that talented.

Here's the link to the Quiltville linkup-party for others working on this mystery, the pattern of which is generously provided by Bonnie Hunter:

Looking forward to tomorrow!



  1. Your units look great! Using up old fabrics in the stash is so fun and just about the best part of scrappy quilts. I am doing them in groups of ten, but I am using Bonnie's strip method. It was rough last year my first time, but I have to say with a year's worth of practice they have gotten better. Good luck!

  2. Some fabrics I just don't want to see anymore, don't want them spread around in future projects, so using them up just in this last one. Someone once told me all their quilts looked alike ... that 'scared' me so I thought what could cause that, and that's what I came up with! This is my first BH quilt. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Love your, "oh, look, a butterfly". My daughter's is "squirrel!". She says she gets so much more done when she wears her earphones at work and listens to music! I used the eight at a time method for a quilt last year and really liked it, but decided to use the ruler this year. I have found that if I slow my sewing speed down, I can control the size of my seam better.I've really been working on that. Your blocks look great. Fly Lady fan here also.

  4. When you said "eight at a time method" are you talking about using Thangles?

    1. Hi. No, not thangles. I mean place 2 six-inch squares right sides facing. Mark two diagonal lines from the corners, so an "X". Sew a scant 1/4-inch on those sides of both lines, so four lines "outlining" your drawn X. These four lines intersect in the middle of the square. Then cut in the middle of the square horizontally and vertically, then separate the four smaller squares into half square triangles, press, trim to 2-1/2 inches exactly. Hope that helps.

    2. Thank you for that great explanation! I might actually re-do some of mine because I've had a terrible time getting mine to come out the correct size. Good luck with the next clue!

  5. Marlene, you are quite welcome. I know that little pointy triangle ends are not my friend either!