Monday, January 25, 2016

Applique, Laundry, and a Vintage Machine

A few things are making progress here in snowed-in western Maryland.
The Yard Square quilt for my guild's charity auction (see link on right sidebar) is moving along. I love, love, love Kim Diehl's applique method; this is only the second time I've used it.
This 1940-ish Necchi is my go-to zig-zag machine. She straight stitches just as well, but I leave her set up for zig-zag so I can do a fast switch-out. It's the heaviest machine I own among all my cast irons, 35+ pounds I'm thinking. And quiet as a mouse, nearly silent.
And I'm finally laundering the deep stash, the expensive repro fabrics I've been collecting for years (not well pictured here though). I need to use them and enjoy them instead of just petting them! I can still pet them when they are in a quilt, right? Duh on me.

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  1. Your Cecchi looks like a workhorse. But it also looks to old to do a zigzag stitch. I've got a couple of old Singers but neither do a zigzag. Sigh. Course, at 35+ pounds you aren't going to be toting that around much! Enjoy the snow.

  2. Your little Necchi looks like a champ! Would love to have a little workhorse like that some day! Hope you are digging out of the snow. We got 24" here in NJ. Enjoy!

  3. Hello neighbor! I finally got out and back to work today! Which guild are you a part of?

    1. I go over to Berkeley Springs, WV, about 45 minutes away, to the Delectable Mountains QG. Those ladies are very active. We have an annual show at the Ice House late April thru May, six weekends, ending with an annual Yard Square quilt auction for charity. Check out the link on my right sidebar. It would be a great spring outing day trip from Frederick. Thank you for commenting!

  4. I hope you're all dug out of the snow! We only got 12 inches, and it's mostly melted away now. Thanks for linking to MCM - I hope you're having a great sewing week!

  5. I have one of Kim Diehl's books I really need to try her method. Thanks for linking up.

  6. Necchis are lovely sewing machines -- smooth stitching and quiet. The sound a machine makes is nearly as important as the stitches.
    Great use to leave it set up for zigzagging.