Saturday, April 2, 2016

Quilt Live With Kim - A New Adventure

We all wish we could share our sewing time with other quilters, but there tend to be a lot of obstacles.

#1 - Who wants to clean house first?
#2 - Where will we make space?
#3 - Life is so busy it is hard to carve out time.
#4 - Who wants to pack all their gear, and then unpack it?  Twice!
#5 - My family/children/pets will constantly interrupt.
#6 - We are most creative when wearing pajamas.
#7 - And we all can add our own additional 'obstacles.'

But what if there was a friendly space available on line where you could drop in any time to chat, show off your projects, and just stitch your little heart out?!

Toward that end, I've started livestreaming from my sewing space when I'm at the machine for any length of time.  This is completely random and up to three times a day.

Soon I'll figure out how to do group hangouts where many of us can stream into one link and join in chatting, sewing, and show & tell.  You've probably seen that type video already posted or streamed for other topics (usually marketing, ugh).

What if we all had a space to gather randomly? When you've got a few minutes, you can watch or join in with whoever is 'hanging out' at that random time? Not sure just yet how that would work computer-wise, but I know it can be done.

I'm not selling or promoting anything!  And I never plan to!  There's enough of that going on at every turn.  I'm comfortable enough and don't need to go there.  My husband works very hard to keep me in fabric ;-).  I really want to keep any participants from actively marketing too.

Lastly and importantly, streaming from Remnant Quilter will not compete with other quilters' live streams. So far I know of two streamers:  Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville and Lynn Marquedant at Simply Colorful.

Below is a link to my April 1 (no fooling!) sewing time. I'm thrilled to have had one visitor who watched live and commented; that's encouraging!  She expressed her desire for more livestreaming quilters too.

Here's the link to my fledgling Youtube channel:  Remnant Quilter.

Thank you for reading my blog, and maybe joining in this 21st century adventure with me!


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