Thursday, December 29, 2016

Charity Quilts for 2017

During 2017 I am committed to being more generous in sharing my fabric hoard collection.  But of course, I want to make quilts with that fabric before I give it away!  (See 'stash justification' on my 2017 planning post. ;-)  )

One deserving charity is Quilts Beyond Borders.  Their volunteers deliver hundreds of quilts to children around the world in need.  

Because the recipients are children, the size requested is very quiltable on my domestic tabletop mid-arm.  They prefer 40-45" by 48-60".  

They also accept unquilted tops and seek volunteer longarmers to finish them.

In the U.S. there are many regional collection points, which helps save on shipping costs.  I aim to collect up a few at a time to get some savings with the theme "if it fits, it ships" -- lol.

The first pattern I've chosen is from the wonderful blogger Christa Quilts.  Her quilt style is always cheerful, so her free Puzzle Box pattern was a natural choice for its energy alone.

But wait!  There's more!  Puzzle Box is perfect for a leaders/enders style project.   

Having cut and stacked the block-makings for the first quilt, I've got a jumpstart on 2017!

Do you have any specific charity sewing in mind for 2017?  Please comment and share your plans below.  Others may want to see a variety of ideas to inspire their own New Year's resolutions!

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  1. I like that you're using up your stash, then donating. Much better than just giving away fabric you love. I need to do the same - thanks for sharing the Quilts Beyond Borders link on Midweek Makers

  2. I am involved with my local chapter of Project Linus. We serve 6 counties and give quilts to about 40 organizations that work with kids, including hospitals, shelters, police stations, and many others. I love novelty fabrics and this is a good way to use them and give them to kids who need a hug.