Thursday, December 15, 2016

En Provence Clue 3

There wasn't much purple in my stash actually. There was some yardage, but certainly not enough scrappiness.  Excuse to shop!

Pardon the low quality pic, but it's like 15 degrees here!  The units are on the piano bench, under the window, and next to my husband's rosemary bushes.

I went out on the back porch to take pics, and only made it about three steps before realizing THAT was not happening!  The wind would've had my little four-patches, and I'd have died from hypothermia while chasing them across the yard.  I guess there are worse ways to go.

Linking up with Quiltville, Needle and Thread Thursday, and Finished or Not Friday. Also with Muppin who has inspired me this month although I haven't made it to blogging daily.  Patience, grasshopper.

Thank you for reading my blog!



  1. Your making good prom this mystery quilt. I'm behind. But that's okay with me. it's a busy time for me right now.

  2. Hmm... lavender fields in your quilt? I would have a hard time with those shades from my stash because all my purples are very warm. Your blocks look great!

  3. Hope you got a bit of a warm up after all the cold last week. Very pretty purples in your blocks. Hope you had a very happy holiday.